Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) cytotoxicity assay

Test the efficacy of your ADC using clinically relevant patient-derived cell (PDC) models

Standard cell lines used in cytotoxicity assays often lack clinically relevant tumour surface antigens and are clonal in nature, therefore losing the intratumor and inter-patient heterogeneity observed in the clinic, which is known to influence ADC response. Conversely, in vivo patient-derived models, such as PDX, represent a more relevant approach for preclinical ADC testing but may be difficult to expand and maintain in live passage for large scale studies.

Download this Info Sheet to discover how to

  • Investigate the efficacy of your ADC using our clinically-relevant Patient-Derived cell (PDC) models
  • Evaluate payload potency across multiple models
  • Access our model characterisation data for biomarker discovery and model selection
  • Leverage our high content imaging platform to monitor target expression, engagement, and receptor trafficking

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