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EGFR mutant, EGFRi resistant NSCLC

Non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the most common cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Despite remarkably high response rates to first line small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) targeting the epidermal growth receptor (EGFR) or the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), the majority of patients develop resistance.

There is an unmet need to develop novel clinically relevant preclinical models of NSCLC that recapitulate the biology of the patient tumour for biomarker discovery and to accelerate the identification of novel drug targets and better combination treatments.

Benefits of Patient-Derived Cell (PDC) models of NSCLC

Our PDC models represent a unique patient-derived system amenable to the investigation of your small molecule efficacy and to the evaluation of novel combination strategies. Benefit from:

  • Patient relevance: PDC are derived directly from patient tumour biopsies and preserve original tumour genetic background, including driver mutations
  • Speed and scalability: unlike other patient-derived models, PDC can be easily expanded for drug screening service and test results can be obtained within weeks
  • Predictive power: PDC predict patients’ drug sensitivity in 89% of cases and lack of response in almost all test cases (99%)

TKI resistant NSCLC PDC models

Model ID Cancer type PDC genotype Patient treatment data
PTX-0479 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR G179C/S768I Contact us to see all model data
PTX-0480 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR exon19del
PTX-0481 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR exon20ins(S768_D770dup), TP53 mutation (p.R280T)
PTX-0482 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR exon19del/T790M/C797S
PTX-0483 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR L858R
PTX-0484 Lung adenocarcinoma ALK
PTX-0485 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR L861Q
PTX-0488 Lung adenocarcinoma EGFR L858R


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