HER2 positive model spotlight

Patient-Derived Cell (PDC) models for the development of targeted therapies

Amplification or overexpression of HER2 occurs in approximately 15–30% of breast cancers and 10–30% of gastric/gastroesophageal cancers and serves as a prognostic and predictive biomarker. HER2 overexpression has also been seen in other cancer types like ovary, endometrium, bladder, lung, colon, and head and neck. The introduction of HER2 targeted therapies has dramatically influenced the outcome of patients with HER2 positive breast and gastric/gastroesophageal cancers; however, the results have been proved disappointing in other HER2 overexpressing cancers.

Advanced in vitro cancer models that preserve patient HER2 mutation and aberrant expression are needed to translate preclinical findings into successuful new therapeutic approaches.

Benefit of HER2 positive PDC models

  • Our biobank includes a variety of cancer types, including but not limited to breast, ovarian, or head and neck models
  • PDC models derived from treatment resistant or relapsed patients
  • Patient treatment regimen and response available
  • In vitro pharmacology data from our PDC to match patient response

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HER2 positive PDC models

Model ID Cancer type HER2 status (mutation, CNV, RNAseq*) Patient treatment data
PTX-0118 Esophageal WT, CNV=2, 63.3% Contact us to see all model data
PTX-0053 Breast, HER2+ WT, CNV=2, 21%
PTX-0054 Breast, HER2+ WT, CNV=10, 99.6%
PTX-0074 Endometrial WT, CNV=2, 71.8%
PTX-0100 Ovarian WT, CNV=2, 66.1%
PTX-0114 Breast, HER2+/ER+/PR+ WT, CNV=2, 95.2%
PTX-0118 Breast, ER+/PR+ L755S mut, CNV=3, 100%
PTX-0137 Breast, HER2+ WT, CNV=2, N/A
PTX-0138 Breast, HER2+/ER+/PR+ WT, CNV=2, N/A
PTX-0139 Breast, HER2+/ER+ WT, CNV=2, 36.6%
PTX-0155 Breast, ER+ WT, CNV=2, 96.8%
PTX-0206 Breast, HER2+, ER+ NGS Pending
PTX-0210 Gastric NGS Pending
PTX-0275 Dermatofibrosarcoma WT, CNV=2, 14.7%
PTX-0306 Breast, HER2+/ER+/PR+ WT, CNV=2, 97.1%
PTX-0446 Breast, HER2+/ER+/PR+ NGS Pending

*(CNV: Copy Number Variation; RNAseq: expression percentile vs other models in the biobank)


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