Differential sensitivity to poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors in patient-derived cell models of breast cancer

Poster Tuhmb: Differential sensitivity to poly

New treatment strategies are urgently needed for metastatic breast cancer, which remains an area of high unmet need with poor prognosis for patients and a low 5-year survival rate after initial diagnosis. New drugs have historically been developed using cell lines been grown on plastic surfaces for decades. Data obtained from this type of models have led to poor translatability to patients and high attrition rates in oncology drug development.

More advanced patient-derived models have increasingly been adopted as more patient-relevant models for drug screening.

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  • The successful establishment of a collection of patient-derived cell (PDC) models from breast cancer tissue and ascitic fluids in under 4 weeks
  • How PDC can help fast track treatment decisions by shortening model development timelines to 3-4 weeks from patient-sample collection
  • That PDC model characterization led to the identification of a number of mutations in homologous recombination and gene repair pathways which could explain sensitivity to PARP inhibitors in the corresponding patients

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