Patient-Derived Cell (PDC) Models as a Tool to Assess Cancer Therapeutic Efficacy Across the Drug Development Life Cycle

Poster Tuhmb: (PDC) Models as a Tool

Patient-derived cell (PDC) models bridge the gap between conventional cancer lines that do not faithfully replicate clinical responses and costly and time-consuming patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. To enable large scale drug sensitivity testing in PDCs, we have developed a phenotypic High Content Imaging (HCI) platform with a multitude of endpoint readouts. These can be applied to assess biomarkers of response, potential combination therapy synergies and the modelling of clinical trial participants.

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  • The high degree of correlation between PDC and patient drug response
  • How to apply the world’s largest biobank of PDC models for both patient diagnostic (predictRx) and biopharma drug development (predictTx) studies
  • Our model characterisation data including next generation sequencing (WES and RNAseq), in vitro drug sensitivity screening of >50 FDA-approved cancer therapeutics, and patient treatment histories and responses

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