Patient-derived cell model screening service

Progress your lead agent to clinical candidate with confidence

predictTx Screen is Imagen’s unique Patient-Derived Cell (PDC) model screen that leverages the power of high-content imaging to provide key information on the cytotoxicity and chemotherapeutic potential of your agent early in the drug development process.

Why use predictTx Screen

  • Test your target hypothesis
  • Identify responder populations
  • Investigate mechanism of action
  • Validate efficacy and cytotoxicity

Benefit from:

  • Cost efficient screening service compared to stand-alone studies
  • Simple model selection from a panel of 50 well-characterised PDCs across more than 15 different solid tumour types
  • Model characterisation data including NGS, patient treatment history, in vitro drug response to standard of care
  • Proven predictive power over patient response in the clinic
  • Fast data turnaround
  • Scalable patient-derived models for dose escalation and repeat studies
  • Amenable to small molecule and biotherapeutics screening



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